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Although the webmaster of this site is an attorney, the purpose of this site is not to conduct legal business or provide legal services. If you wish to discuss a legal matter with the author of this site, please contact him at his regular place of business during business hours (more info here). Unless and until you receive a written engagement letter, there is no attorney/client relationship between you and Timothy E. Eble or his firm. Therefore, until you receive a written engagement letter, please do not send any legal, personal, sensitive or confidential information via e-mail or otherwise. Any information that you do send prior to receiving a written engagement letter may not be considered confidential and may not be protected by the attorney/client privilege or any other rule of confidentiality. does not provide legal services or practice law. This website is operated as an information service to the public as well as the legal profession and is a separate entity from the author's law practice.

For individuals who are class members in various on-going cases in which Timothy Eble may be class counsel, please understand that you are not being represented on an individual basis in those cases. Some class actions in which Timothy E. Eble, P.A., is involved may have as many as one million class members. It is an impossibility for a lawyer to represent that many people individually. Please refer to the notice and any applicable court orders for information regarding the services of class counsel, which services are distinctly separate and distinct from any services you may require from your personal lawyer.

Class Action Litigation Website

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