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Health Newspage by NewsHub with the latest Health News of the last 24 hours.


Poison Centers

Medical Research Help How to Research Medical Literature on the Web
American Association of Poison Control Centers Links to Numerous Poison Control Centers, Databases and Information
Regional Centers Certified by the American Association of Poison Control Certified Poison Control Centers
US Consumer Product Safety Commission Poison Prevention Publications

Medical Libraries

MedWeb@Emory University Provides a Searchable Database of Internet Health Resources
Harvard Medical Web/Countway Med Library Links to Harvard Medical School, Dental School and Medical Center with Access to Medical Library and Related Internet Resources
National Library of Medicine Medline Search, Toxicology and Environment Health, Fact Sheets, Disease and Carcinogen Information Links
National Library of Medicine Health Hotlines Listing Online Database of Health Hotlines Maintained by Health-related Groups
NLM Pubmed Medline Search Engine Medline Search Engine - Over Nine Million Citations
Medline Plus Offered by the U.S. National Library of Medicine & the National Institutes of Health. Provides Health News, Drug Info, Medical Dictionary, Health Toppics & more.

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Anatomy Information Graphic and Text Anatomy Information

Biomedical Information

University of Pennsylvania: Dept. of Medicine, Div. of Gastroenterology Center for Molecular Studies in Digestive and Liver Disease. An NIH-funded Center designed to explore creative experimental approaches.
Biomedical Information Resources Site Organized by USC Providing Biomedical Links
USC provides links to National databases, organizations, and educational resources. Some links go to international medical websites, government health resources, medical organizations, and genetic and protein databases.
Biomedical Informatics Research Network BIRN, An Initiative of the National Institutes of Nealth's National Center for Research Resources designed to further "a collaborative environment for biomedical research."

Medical Journals

Genetics and Molecular Research On-Line Journal. Provides free access to research papers in the areas of Genetics, Molecular Biology & Evolution.
Genetics Publications Open Directory Project. DMOZ listings for Genetics Pulications: Journals
American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics Educational Information on the
Nexus of Law, Medicine and Ethics
Primary Care Internet Guide Lists Medical Journals dealing with General Practice and Family Medicine
Tulane Lists Tulane Cancer Center
Links to Medical Journals

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General Medical Reference

AMA Health Information and Journal of AMA
Disease Information Diseases, Disorders and Related Topics for the General Public & Health Care Professionals. Maintained by Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.
(Internet Grateful Med) Medline Listing of Medical Electronic Resources provided by Le Moyne College
Health Health News & Drug information offered by the Office of Disease Prevention & Health PRomotion
United States Surgeon General US Surgeon General Site. Provides Recent Health News, Public Health Priorities and Information on how to reduce the risk of illness.
National Institute of Health Search National Library of Medicine. A Health Resource for the Public, Health CAre Professionals, Researchers, Librarians and Publishers. Contains Health research, news, resources and more.
Medicine Net Layman's Medical Information about diseases & conditions, symptoms & signs, procedures & tests, medications, Health & LIving, Health News.
NCBI Databases Entrez Integrated, Text-based Search (Includes PubMed, Nucleotide and Protein Sequences, Protein Structures, Complete Genomes, Taxonomy and others)
Health Statistics on the Web Statistical Resources on the Web. Health topics include abortion, accidents, diagnosis related groups, disability, disease, experimentation, gerontology, hazardous substances and more.
Merck Corp General Health and Product Information from this Drug Company
Medical Matrix Organization On-line Medical Resources
A subscription service that provides links to over 6000 medical web sites and over 1.5 million documents.
Medscape On-Line Resource for Patient Care
Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Treatment On-Line Manual
Center for Disease Control Health and Disease Information from CDC
Emergency Nursing World Emergency Nursing Practice Guidelines and Procedures
Health Related Websites Medical/Health Websites
Hepatitis Central Medical Information and Victim Support Site
Hep C Alert Group (Hepatitis C information and legal news)
Health Services Technology Assesment Text from NIH Free full-text Documents
Medical Index Medical Information by Topic
Medical Dictionary Dictionary
Health Information Useful Information about Health Issues
National Cancer Institute Cancer Research and Data
National Guidline Clearinghouse Accepted Medical Practice Guidelines
Chiropractic Site
Ob/Gyn Information Medical Articles Primarily on Women's Medical Conditions
OR Live Live Surgical Video on the Internet
Virtual Hospital Database of Articles on Numerous Issues
Virtual Medical Center
Emory School of Medicine Emory Medical School Center with Related Links/
Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Treatment On-Line Manual

Medical-Legal Issues

Asbestos Related Cancer Information Asbestos Victims Information
The Mesothelioma Information Center Medical explanation and legal options
Asbestos News Information about Mesothelioma and Asbestos exposure
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