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Federal government links are provided to State Government Sites, Foreign Government Sites, Government Resources, Government Documents, a Federal Government Search Engine and Income Tax Law Sites. Links are also sorted into General Federal Government Sites that will connect the user to US Government's Official Web Portal, GPO Search Engine and a variety of other General Federal Sites. In addition to these links, Federal Government links are sorted into Legislative, Executive and Judicial categories with a separate listing for web sites for various Federal Agencies/Departments.


Comprehensive Government Site List with Links Search Government Sites
University of Michigan Documents Center Federal Government Laws and Regulations
Center for Information Law and Policy The Federal Web Locator
U.S. Government's Official Web Portal A-Z Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies
U.S. Government's Official Web Portal Links to Federal References and Organizations
US Federal Agencies Directory from LSU (comprehensive) Search Complete List of Federal Government Agencies
Fed.Gov.Statutes, Regulations, Rules, and more (Recommended) Helpful References for Federal Legal Research
National Technical Information Service Federal Government Search Engines
Links to Multiple Federal Sites Governing.com
National Technology Transfer Center Multiple links to: Gov. Agencies, Branches, and State Gov.
Blume Library's US Government Information on the Web Keyword Index of Government Information
Federal Statistics Search Engine Agency Statistics
Government Information Exchange Government Information
Government Information Resources Extensive Listing of Sites
Federal Government Toll Free Directory Toll Free Government Phone Numbers
Galaxy Government Internet Directory Directory
Official Government Agency Websites Directory From Duke University
GPO Access Search Engine Search Across Multiple Federal Databases
U.S.Gov. Printing Office Access Official Info from all 3 Branches of Gov.
State and Local Government Gateway Expenditure and Employment Statistics
GPO Access Online Resources Search A-Z List of Government Printed Materials
Virtual Reference Desk Access Full Text of Selected Government Documents
LSU Federal Agencies on the Net LSU Links to Federal Government Websites
US Gov. Science and Technology Portals A Catalog of Government Science/Tech Sites
Municipal Government Links (Extensive Listings) United States and Foreign Sites

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Executive Branch

The United States Whitehouse Whitehouse Site
President Executive Office of the President
US Gov. Official Web Portal Links to Elements of the Executive Office
Executive Branch Resources Links to the Executive Office and other Executive Departments/Agencies
Federal Web Locator Numerous Links to the Executive Branch and Executive Agencies
Vice President Office of the Vice President of the United States
First Lady Office of the First Lady
Economic Advisors Council of Economic Advisers
Environmental Quality Advisors Council on Environmental Quality
Economic Council National Economic Council
Security Coucil National Security Council
Administration Office of Administration
Management and Budget Office of Management and Budget
AIDS Office of National AIDS Policy
Official US Executive Branch Web Sites Library of Congress Internet Resource Page
Drug Policy Office of National Drug Control Policy
Biographies of the Presidents From Infoplease

Legislative Branch

Code of Federal Regulations List of CFR Sections Affected
Congressional Directory Directory Information
Congressional Record Government Maintained GPO
Legislative Branch Links FedWeb Locator
Federal Register Government Archives
In Congress Now Congressional Whip Record
How Laws are Enacted By Senate Parliamentarian
How Laws are Enacted By House Parliamentarian
Congressional Research Service Reports Proceedings, Rules, Committee Information
Congressional Budget Office Budget and Economic Information
The United States Senate The Senate
The United States House of Representatives The House
Legislative Information Site One or Alternative Site
Congressional Record Search On Line Access
Biographical Directory of US Congress On Line
United States General Accounting Office Investigative Arm of Congress
Office of Law Revision Counsel Publishes US Code
US House of Representatives Rules Committee Congressional Rules of Order
Standing Rules of The US Senate Procedural Rules

Judicial Branch

Federal Court Electronic Bulletin Board (PACER) Federal Court Information
United States Court News Releases Court Site for News Information
United States Judiciary Website Court Information
Federal Court Website Information Appellate and Lower Court Link Information
United States Tax Court Tax Court Information and Opinions
Directory of United States Federal Courts From FedLaw

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Boards, Commisions and Committees Directory of Links
Bureau of Consulate Affairs Assists Travelers in Foreign Countries
Central Intelligence Agency Central Intelligence Agency for Government
Census Bureau Census Information
Consumer Product Safety Commission Product Safety and Recall Information
Center for Disease Control and Prevention Disease and Health Information
Department of Agriculture Agriculture
Department of Commerce Commerce Information
Department of Commerce Proposed Gov Procurement actions, Contract Awards, Sales of Government Property
Department of Defense Military Defense
Department of Education National Effort to Improve Education
Department of Energy Energy Department Information
Department of Health and Human Services Health and Essential Human Services
Department of Housing and Urban Development Home Purchase Assistance and Urban Planning
Department of the Homeland Security Coordination of Federal Response and Protection Efforts
Department of the Interior Protect Nation's Natural and Cultural Heritage
Department of Justice US Attorney General
Department of Labor Department of Labor Information
Department of State Department of State Information, News, and Links
Department of Transportation Transportation Planning and Safety
Department of the Treasury Nation's Finances
Department of Veteran's Affairs Veteran Assistance
Environmental Protection Agency Toxic Substance, Pollution and Environmental Information
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Discrimination Investigation
EPA News Releases EPA News Releases On Line
Federal Aviation Administration Accident Data
Federal Communications Commission Radio, TV, Cable, Phone, Electronics Regulation
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Banking and Fiscal Information
Federal Election Commission Laws Governing Financing of Federal Elections
Federal Emergency Management Agency Disaster Aid and Planning
Federal Housing Finance Board Federal Home Loan Bank Policy and Economic Aid
Federal Judicial Center Court and Jurisprudence Management Information
Federal Labor Relations Authority Administers Labor-Management Relations Programs
Federal Reserve Board of Governors Banking Regulation and Policy
Federal Reserve Reserve Policy, Inflation, & Inflation Targeting
Federal Reserve Board Data US Monthly Interest Rate Data
Federal Reserve Financial Releases Historical Interest and Financial Releases Information
Federal Trade Commission Fairness in Business Practices
Food and Drug Administration Food and Drug Information
FDA Food Safety Site Gateway to Government Food Safety Related Sites
General Accounting Office Improves Performance and Accountability of the Federal Govt.
Government Printing Office Government Publications Available Here
Independent Agencies and Government Corporations Directory of Links to Agencies/Corporations
Internal Revenue Service Tax Information
Library of Congress Tremendous Resources Available Here
Office of Pipelilne Safety Federal Safety Authority for the Nation’s Pipeline Transportation System
Military Search Military Search Engine
NASA Space Travel
National Archives Records Information
National Traffic Highway Safety Administration Crash Tests, Safety Info, Docket Information, Regulations
National Transportation Library Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA)
National Transportation Safety Board Investigates Every Air Crash and Significant Accidents
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration Weather and Ocean Information
National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health NIOSH
National Institute of Standards and Technology Standards Information
National Labor Relations Board Created to Enforce NLRA
National Library of Medicine Health Information
National Inst. of Occupational Safety & Health Occupational Hazards Research and Information
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulates Nuclear Power and Civilian Use of Nuclear Materials
National Transportation Safety Board Aviation Accident Information
Occupational Safety and Health Administration Occupational Safety Regulation and Hazards
Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission Created to Decide Contests of OSHA Citations or Penalties
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Fiscal Regulations
Office of Personnel Management Human Resources Agency
Postal Rate Commission Mail Charges
President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities Mission to Promote Public and Private Efforts to Enhance the Employment of People with Disabilities
Securites and Exchange Commission Securities Regulations
Selective Service System Military Registration
Small Business Administration Small Business Administration (Office of Advocacy)
Social Security Administration Social Security Information Online
State Department International Travel Information
US Air Force Military
US Army Military
US Commission on Civil Rights Fact-Finding Agency of Executive Branch
US Copyright Office Protects Creators
United States General Services Administration Provides Acquisition Services and Management Policies
United States International Trade Commission Provides Objective Trade Advice to Government
United States Treasury Seized Property Auctions
US Marine Corps Military
US Navy Military
US Patent and Trademark Office Search, Order, and Apply for Patents and Trademarks
United States Postal Service Mail
United States Coast Guard United States Coast Guard Regulations and Information

Political Groups/News Links

Freedom Forum Politics & Constitutional Issues
Center for Responsive Politics Campaign finance data, political profiles, lobbying efforts and news
Fed Net News Deliberations, Political News and Issues
All Politics A Service of CNN
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